Who “whore” it best?

Here at the Face Fucking / Ghetto Gaggers studio, we have a long running inside joke.  When a whore leaves an outfit from her shoot, we throw it in the pile for the next whore who will show up with only the clothes on her back.  I’m dead serious… we get these bitches that literally show up to do porn without a single thing to wear.  Well… you’ve seen (or heard) about those “Who wore it best?” contests… well, here’s our version… WHO WHORE IT BEST???

Who whore it best?  Ashen or Gaia? Pictures courtesy FACE FUCKING

Who whore it best? Avona Dominica, Cat Morris or Katie Fallon? Pictures courtesy FACE FUCKING

Who whore it best? Kandi Gurl or Sapphire?  Pictures courtesy of GHETTO GAGGERS

And the award for most natural make-up in a porno goes to…

Sierra Lynn aka Jade Nacole Smith from Ghetto Gaggers

Ok… this is, easily, the worst make-up job ever, right?  I know why she did it… Jade Nacole Smith tried to come in and shoot for us but didn’t want her fans knowing she was a dirty pig who would do Ghetto Gaggers so she changed her name and worse this ridiculous whore paint.  The internet isn’t stupid, though.  They knew exactly who it was and, properly, blew up her spot.  Good work.

Here’s a close-up, with improvement, courtesy of Big Red Machine.

Picture Courtesy of Ghetto Gaggers