Kim Kardashian NUDE (Papermag) - by Jimmy Hooligan

papermag-kim-kardashian-01 papermag-kim-kardashian-02 papermag-kim-kardashian-03 papermag-kim-kardashian-04

Ok… by now, you’ve probably seen these pictures of Kim Kardashian nude.  The amount of backlash she’s received is incredible… not because of the nudity as much as the photoshopping of her giant ass.  Her ass is 3 times the size of this and her waist is not that slim… but I’m not a homo, so I’m going to beat off to this regardless.  I mean, it’s not like this is the first time I’ve seen this chick naked.  I watched her suck black cock in a porno… but for some reason, I’m still into this.  I love her big fake tits and hairless celebrity pussy.  That shit turns me on!!!

(Ghetto Gaggers) London Blaq 2 - by Jimmy Hooligan

ghetto-gaggers-london-blaq-2-01 ghetto-gaggers-london-blaq-2-02 ghetto-gaggers-london-blaq-2-03 ghetto-gaggers-london-blaq-2-04
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London Blaq… NYC’s premier hood rat, is back again. It’s been only a few weeks since her last visit, but this skank is all about wanting to be a porn star and she knows we can make or break you. Whenever a girl comes back, you guys know that we try and step it up, improve or add something new since the last scene. Today, the most we could get from her is double vag. So, Pauly and Gio both stuffed their hard white meat in her cunt box and fucked hard. I was actually surprised how easily their cocks fit until I remembered who we were dealing with… Sadly, I don’t remember much of the first scene but I do remember her being a cunt. Today, she proved to be a WAY bigger cunt. I’m glad that the face fucking was intense as it was. We even had to chain her up to keep the hood animation to a minimum. This one is very messy…

(Face Fucking) Lola Summers - by Jimmy Hooligan

face-fucking-lola-summers-01 face-fucking-lola-summers-02 face-fucking-lola-summers-03 face-fucking-lola-summers-04
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I always say… never judge a book by it’s cover. At first glance, 104 pound spinner Lola Summers looks like she’d have one foot out the door when it comes to this type of shoot… but this dumb twat actually proved me wrong. She hung in there like a big girl, took her lick and kept on keeping on. Good for you whore! Granted, she’s pretty dumb… I’m talking zero personality, but fuck it. She has a twat, that’s all she needs to get by in this world, right? I don’t know how small head accommodated those big cocks but she found a way to make them fit. Impressive, really. Each guy had fun with this one. It’s like Christmas morning when a fresh piece of cooz comes to shoot.

Layla Price’s Assylum Trailer (She Takes Piss!!!) - by Jimmy Hooligan

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So I was clicking around some sites I promote when I saw this trailer from Assylum starring Layla Price.  For those of you who don't know about the site, it's a pretty fucked up premise.  Dumb whores talk to this "doctor" who's a mix between Hannibal Lector and Jason Vorhees (que the hockey mask).  Whatever problem they have... it can be solved with anal.  Good to know next time my girlfriend bitches about something!  Anyway, so I'm watching this clip and next thing I know... Layla Price is taking a stream of piss right in her mouth.  Sign me the fuck up!!!

Mia Khalifa - by Jimmy Hooligan


Holy fuck… Jimmy is in love with this girl big time!  I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find every single video I could of hers.  I’ve jerked off to her scenes about a dozen times already.  She has big fake tits, a smooth cunt, a fat ass and these dorky glasses that drive me wild.  Jimmy will be keeping his eye on this cunt.  She’s a refreshing change to all the blonde bimbos in porn!

Update : Just found out that she also went by the name Mia Callista.

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Mia Khalifa has a perfect double D rack and she is ready to take raw dick. She loves getting pounded, especially when there is a camera in front of her. Hell yeah, watch this babe guzzle cock and get fucked! Hardcore pussy banging action Bangbros style!

Photo Gallery from Big Tit Creampie

We met up with gorgeous Mia Khalifa today by the pool and immediately noticed her humongous 34DD fun bags. Summer is coming to an end and this busty babe told us she wanted to get it all in as soon as possible. Luckily for us, when Mia said she wanted to get it all in, she meant all of it including some dick in her pussy. After some sexy teasing by the pool, we had our boy step in to spice things up. He fucked Mia Khalifa’s tight little pussy and then he closed out her summer right with a big fat load of cum deep inside her!!

(Jimmy Hooligan) Shanin - by Jimmy Hooligan

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I met Shanin a few years prior at another porn shoot.  At that time, she was trying to break into porn with her tool of a husband.  Obviously, he went down in flames due to his inability to fuck and get blown like a porn star.  Since that time, I tried to fuck his wife aka Shanin.  For some reason, she was loyal to this retard.  I tried begging, lying and even offering money.  It wasn’t until years later that she hit me up out of the blue and said she’s ready to take some strange cock in her pretty hairless cunt.  I booked the cheapest hotel room I could find and told her to raise right over.  In the end, Jimmy always wins.  I fucked her tight little mouth like a fucking G… so much that tears of shame ran from her eyes and onto my hard cock.  Then, I hit that stank slit for a few pumps before emptying my sack all over her face!

Epic Barf - by Jimmy Hooligan

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Don’t you hate when this happens?  Seriously, though… have you ever seen anything so fucked up in your life?  This chick went down on my semi-hard cock and next thing I know she’s reenacting that epic scene from The Exorcist.  In my line of work, I’ve seen my fair share of puke… but nothing like this.  This will seriously go down in history and one of my most fucked up experiences.  However, because I’m a fucking pro… I kept rolling.  My favorite part of this entire clip… listening to Ivy Bleu laugh her ass off!

(Black on Black Crime) Moesha - by Jimmy Hooligan

black-on-black-crime-moesha-01 black-on-black-crime-moesha-02 black-on-black-crime-moesha-03 black-on-black-crime-moesha-04
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Moesha is a hood booger from Tennessee. She’s worked with us a few times on Ghetto Gaggers and now she’s helping us break in the new guy, Big D. She’s a petite ebony with a nice soft ass, decent tits and a face built for slapping the fuck out of. Trust me… she can take a shot. Big D pimp slaps that ho like she stole something. He even throws a couple combos in there to keep her guessing. I think this dude has potential. He definitely has some big shoes to fill but if this first video is any indication… I think he has a real shot. Let’s get to the action, though. Dude crams his black stick down her throat with reckless abandon. By the 3rd position, she’s emptying her belly all over the carpet. Bad bitch! That’s why he wiped it up with her fucking face!!! Her tiny twat got fucked jack-rabbit style. Big D knows only one speed, FAST. The sound of his balls slapping against her hairless twat echoed throughout the room… only to be followed by the sound of her squirt dousing the couch. Intense! He finished like a fucking boss… emptying a monster load all over her fucking face!

(Latina Throats) Miguelina Acosta - by Jimmy Hooligan

latina-throats-miguelina-acosta-01 latina-throats-miguelina-acosta-02 latina-throats-miguelina-acosta-03 latina-throats-miguelina-acosta-04
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Whew… I feel like I just learned Spanish by pronouncing her name, right? Anyway, Miguelina Acosta is a slightly chubby whore with big tits, a poorly shaved pussy but a determination to completely embarrass her entire family. This girl came in and nailed it. She choked down both hard cocks and spilled the literal “beans” all over herself. Sucking cock like it was the paycheck will feed her family for the next 5 months is the only way I can describe it. This porker went on a dick rampage, inhaling the white meat to the balls. Her baby factory took quite a pounding, too. They slammed that pig hard and fast and then dumped this Gringo jizz all over her fucking face. Knowing she hates eating cum gave me an rager as I told her to clean that spunk off her head and eat it. Whores like this disgust me, but I love their hustle.

(Ghetto Gaggers) Sasha White - by Jimmy Hooligan

ghetto-gaggers-sasha-white-01 ghetto-gaggers-sasha-white-02 ghetto-gaggers-sasha-white-03 ghetto-gaggers-sasha-white-04
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Sasha White wants to be a porn star… but no one wants to have sex with her. That’s quite a conundrum. She has a nice set of big natural tits, but a face like Cuba Gooding Jr. By the time the scene was over, if felt like I was in a sequel to Boyz N the Hood. Seriously though… this scene is fucking gross! I can not begin to describe the things that were pouring out of her belly. Chunks and chunks of epic grossness… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The things that happened after… sweet baby, Jesus! It’s a shame this pig is so beat. With her no-holds barred attitude, she could go far. Unfortunately, her face and body make her a dead-end.

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